Packing A Wide Brim Hat

A wide-brim hat is a imperative accessory for you in traveling.In fact, when traveling to tropical or  hot sites, a hat is a must-have item to protect you from the sun-burn. Rather than wearing your hat round-trip on a plane or taking the time to find a hat box, consider packing it in your luggage with other items. While you might hesitate at the thought of putting your favorite topper in a cramped carry-on checked bag — it is feasible.

Determine What Your Hat is Made Of

Even if your hat didn’t come with a label that said “packable,”may be it’s still possible to transport it with good results. Wide-brim hats always made of nylon, polyester, cotton or soft straw, wool or felt that easy to pack.

While a wide brim floppy hat straw hat, or felt hat can be good choices to pack, other hats that’s rigid will not pack well. If you decide to throw caution to the wind and pack a rigid hat, be aware of the risk of  cracking it or otherwise damaging it over repair.

Pack Your Heaviest Items First

You shall do a flat and stable surface for your hat in your suitcase, so place heavy items such as jeans or thick shirts on the bottom of the suitcase or bag. It will this create a suitable surface to place your hat and also protect your hat from the crush by heavy clothing items.

Also, close the suitcase slowly to ensure the hat is not crushed in case it is more solid in nature such as a firm straw hat.

Then,do a list of all of the items you plan to pack or place everything out ahead of time that will help you avoid to unpack, rearrange and repack those forgetting items.

Pack your Hats

It is a good choice for you to stuff the crown of your hat so as to keep it from getting crushed. Fold or roll up items such as socks, underwear or T-shirts and place them inside the crown to create a filler that will keep its shape. You might have to spend a little time getting the perfect ratio of filler to crown, but it’s worth it.

Once the crown is filled, it’s time to place your hat in your bag. Considering your hat as the centerpiece of your bag, and you can arrange it in central. How you place it depends on the shape of the brim and how it should be placed to retain its shape. Some hats should be placed brim down, while others work better with the crown down. Refer to the manufacturer’s hat care instructions that came with your hat to find a better option.

It’s Okay to Pack Your Wide Brim Hat

You just pack it rather than saddling yourself with a wide brim hat in the travel. As long as the hat is bendable and not rigid — for example, a floppy wide-brim hat  and you take the time to follow the hat care guidelines presented, your hat should arrive at its destination in line with minimal tweaks needed.

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